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Battery Solutions and Battery Recycling for Every Business

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We Can Handle All Your Commercial Power Needs

We have efficient battery solutions when you need them: we’ll get you the batteries you need now, promptly fill your orders, and provide the reassurance that you can count on us to have replacements on hand to avoid downtime in the future.

If you’re looking for:
A large quantity of truck batteries for my fleet.
A vendor who can keep my items in stock.
A solution for recycling my spent batteries.

Batteries Plus Business has you covered, from battery installation and testing to battery recycling, we have all your power solutions!

Battery Solutions Designed with Your Business in Mind

Commercial customers rely on Batteries Plus Business for many reasons, including:
Job Site Review Icon Batteries Plus
Job Site Review

With our free on-site needs assessment, we’ll come to you and provide our array of knowledge, tools, and experience to optimize your existing power setup.

Volume Discount
Volume Discounts

Commercial accounts rely on us to provide the batteries they need with competitive volume pricing.

Icon of a green battery with a wrench symbol in the middle, indicating settings or maintenance related to power or energy.
Battery Installation

As a Batteries Plus Business account member, we’ll get your devices up and running again with our tailored expert services based on your needs, from order placement to pricing to delivery.

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Local Delivery

We’ll help you stay focused on running your business by delivering your order directly to you and meeting you on your time.

A green recycling symbol consisting of three chasing arrows forming a triangular shape, symbolizing sustainability and environmental conservation.

We can all do our part to keep spent batteries out of landfills. We make it easy to go green and recycle according to EPA regulations to reduce landfill waste, stop chemical contamination of our soil and water, and protect our environment.

Featured Commercial Battery Applications

Batteries Plus Business can help with all your battery solutions, whether you need to power devices or something a little more obscure. Looking to buy bulk batteries? Be sure to ask about our volume discounts when you reach out for a quote.

Some of the most popular battery applications for our commercial customers include:

Multiple rows of duracell automotive batteries on display, featuring prominent red and white terminals, and labels in a store shelf.
SLA Batteries
A technician installs a server in a rack at a data center, focusing on securing the device into the slot.
UPS Battery Backups
A row of identical white delivery vans parked neatly in a gravel lot, angled towards the camera, under a clear sky.
Fleet Batteries
Close-up of an unoccupied floor cleaning machine, featuring a steering wheel, seat, and control panel, parked in an outdoor setting.
Scrubber and Sweeper Batteries
A cordless drill battery pack with a charge indicator, positioned in front of a blurred cordless drill on a wooden surface.
Cordless Tool Batteries
A man wearing a headlamp is working on an hvac system inside a ceiling, viewed from below through metal grates.
Flashlight Batteries
Close-up of the front grille of a bright orange semi truck with blurred trucks in the background, highlighting the details and color of the vehicle.
Heavy Duty Truck Batteries
A construction worker in a reflective orange vest and red hard hat, holding a walkie-talkie, attentively looking to the side.
Two-Way Radio Batteries
A person holding a handheld barcode scanner and a pen, scanning in a warehouse setting, focusing on the task.
Scanner Batteries
Two construction workers, one wearing a hard hat, discuss over a digital tablet in an industrial setting.
Tablet Batteries
Two motorcyclists riding on a highway on a sunny day, with the foreground focused on the front part of a motorcycle and the rider's boot.
Powersport Batteries
A person using a laptop displaying a performance overview interface with categories labeled "high priority," "medium priority," and "low priority.
Laptop Batteries
At Batteries Plus Business, it’s our job to make your job easier!
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