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Industrial Battery Services And Solutions for Any Industry

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We Can Handle All Your Industrial Power Needs

We carry all types of products to keep your business running smoothly, including all the national brands you know and trust. You can count on our knowledge and experience to ensure you have all the products and services you need. 

If you’re looking for:
A large quantity of truck batteries for my fleet.
A vendor who can keep my items in stock.
A solution for recycling my spent batteries.
A partner who can help improve my parking lot lighting, creating a safer environment for my customers and staff.

Batteries Plus Business has you covered. We offer all the lighting, power, and top battery solutions you’re looking for and so much more. No matter the size of your business, large or small, we’ll help you find solutions for your power needs.

Business Account Advantages for All Industries

The top advantages of our Business account program include:
Image of a green line icon depicting a person wearing headphones and a microphone, typically used to represent a customer service representative or a call center operator.
A Dedicated Personal Account Representative

Your dedicated account rep can give you the advice and product solutions you need to keep your business running and help your bottom line.

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Free On-Site Needs Assessment

We’ll come to you and provide our array of knowledge, tools, and experience to optimize your existing lighting and power setup and identify energy or cost savings areas.

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Tailored Service Options

We customize our services based on your needs, from order placement to pricing to delivery.

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Fast Local Delivery

We help you stay focused on running your business by delivering your products to you.

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Competitive Volume Pricing

Our professional sales team will work closely with you to create special product and pricing packages to match your needs and budget. Plus, ask us about our menu of Group Purchasing Organization options!

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Quality Products and Services

Our products undergo rigorous safety, performance, and reliability testing, first in our Quality Assurance labs and then again at our Distribution Center. You’ll receive only the best merchandise.

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Phone and Tablet Repair

In today’s tech-savvy world, businesses run on many devices. Let us help you repair, not replace, with our repair services.

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Convenient Hours and Locations

With so many stores nationwide, you can count on Batteries Plus Business to provide personalized and convenient service at any of our locations.

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Free Battery Testing

We’ll ensure your business stays up and running with free diagnostic tests and a quick turnaround. Let us take care of you so you can take care of your business.

A green recycling symbol consisting of three chasing arrows forming a triangular shape, symbolizing sustainability and environmental conservation.
Recycling Services

Our Business account battery recycling services program is your solution to removing spent batteries and lamps while helping to reduce waste.

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Local Utility Rebate Assistance

Wondering if your business is eligible for an energy rebate? Our business representatives can help navigate the process with you.

Online Tools
Online Tools

Easily view your order history, save to favorites, manage account users, and more with our online tools. Punch-out solutions are also available to connect to your B2B procurement platform.

Top Solutions for Any Industry

Batteries Plus Business is proud to assist our commercial customers across the country with the power products and solutions they need to keep their businesses running. Plus, if you’re buying in bulk, be sure to inquire about our volume discounts.

Some replacement battery and lighting solutions we offer our commercial customers include:

A well-organized industrial wall featuring various emergency safety systems including a red fire alarm, emergency stop buttons, and status indicator lights.
Fire and Security Panel Batteries
An empty parking lot illuminated by bright streetlights at dusk, with a clear blue sky and neatly arranged parking spaces marked with white lines.
Indoor and Outdoor Light Fixtures
A technician replaces the battery in a laptop, using tools on a blue mat with parts of the disassembled device visible.
Cell Phone and Tablet Batteries
Close-up of hands using a cordless drill to install a solar panel on a metal frame with a clear blue sky in the background.
Custom Built Batteries
Modern office reception area featuring a sleek, wooden-front desk under stylish pendant lights, with a large black screen on a textured wall and ambient lighting.
LED Lamps Wholesale
Two private jets parked inside a spacious, well-lit hangar. one jet is white with patterned markings, while the other features a large red nose cone.
LED Indoor and Outdoor Fixtures
Multiple rows of duracell automotive batteries on display, featuring prominent red and white terminals, and labels in a store shelf.
SLA Batteries
A cordless drill battery pack with a charge indicator, positioned in front of a blurred cordless drill on a wooden surface.
UPS Battery Backups
A blurry woman in a yellow blouse seated at a desk, while a digital camera on a tripod in sharp focus captures her image, displayed on its screen.
Audio Visual Equipment Batteries
Two private jets parked inside a spacious, well-lit hangar. one jet is white with patterned markings, while the other features a large red nose cone.
HID Bulbs Wholesale
A person operating a red and green riding lawn mower, cutting lush green grass on a sunny day. only the operator's legs and hands are visible.
Lawn Equipment Batteries
A modern projector mounted on a ceiling, displaying a focused lens and intricate detail, set against a neutral, light gray background.
Projector Light Bulbs
Close-up of the front grille of a bright orange semi truck with blurred trucks in the background, highlighting the details and color of the vehicle.
Heavy Equipment Batteries
A person's hand holding a black television remote control, aiming it at a blurred tv screen displaying colorful images in the background.
Wholesale Alkaline Batteries
A row of identical white delivery vans parked neatly in a gravel lot, angled towards the camera, under a clear sky.
Fleet Vehicle Batteries
A construction worker in a reflective orange vest and red hard hat, holding a walkie-talkie, attentively looking to the side.
Two-Way Radio Batteries
An empty industrial warehouse with a high ceiling, featuring several forklifts, stacked wooden pallets, and neatly organized shelves filled with boxes.
Emergency Lighting Wholesale
A cordless drill battery pack with a charge indicator, positioned in front of a blurred cordless drill on a wooden surface.
Cordless Tool Batteries
A technician replaces the battery in a laptop, using tools on a blue mat with parts of the disassembled device visible.
Cell Phone and Tablet Repairs
Close-up of an unoccupied floor cleaning machine, featuring a steering wheel, seat, and control panel, parked in an outdoor setting.
Floor Scrubber Batteries
A man wearing a headlamp is working on an hvac system inside a ceiling, viewed from below through metal grates.
Flashlight Batteries
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A man installs a battery inside a van, focusing intently on his work, surrounded by tools and equipment in a workshop.
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Do you have multiple locations?
Do you want a quote?

A man in a warehouse pushes a hand truck loaded with batteries and electrical equipment, surrounded by shelves stocked with various items.

Customer Testimonials

  • "We stopped using local vendors because they were too expensive and didn't have great customer service. After looking at the overall spend, we chose to just buy from Batteries Plus Business due to their fast, friendly customer service, and huge savings with the E&I."

    Madison Giles, Inventory and Purchasing Coordinator of Hampden Sydney College
  • “Our district rolled out tablets last year and partnering with Batteries Plus Business to repair damaged devices has not only freed up staff time, but their convenient pickup and delivery option takes all planning off our plates."

    Steve M, IT Manager
  • "We initially reached out to Batteries Plus Business to look for hard-to-find batteries for a specific golf cart. Batteries Plus Business came back with comparative pricing and a quick turnaround for getting our product to us. Matt is excellent – he's always prompt and personally delivers our items."

    Gary Ryan, Property Manager
  • "An employee had a sensitivity to fluorescent lighting and would get migraines. Now that we have switched to LED, the migraines have disappeared! Batteries Plus Business turned the entire building to all LED lighting. It brightened up the entire building and translated into energy savings for us. Matt does a phenomenal job and is extremely personal. It's convenient, and we haven't had any issues. Very quick to remedy any questions."

    Debbie Fannie, ABC Fire Extinguisher Company
  • "We have been purchasing from Batteries Plus using the NPP Gov competitively bid and awarded contract via the League of Oregon Cities. Our experiences have been very positive and we have experienced very competitive pricing and service!"

    Jennifer C., Purchasing Agent, City of Port Orange
Want to see how Batteries Plus Business can help with your commercial lighting and battery solutions?
Reach out today to learn more about all the benefits that come with our Business account program!
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